Hey STARL Family! Moe here with some tips and tricks to make Minting your Pixelnauts on Wednesday as easy as possible. I’m sure #NFTs are brand new to some of you, but now is a great time to get acclimated since they will be so pivotal to our metaverse and operations moving forward. Pixelnauts will be your first option for an exclusive profile picture on our marketplace. We may also introduce some additional yet-to-be-announced utilities in the future.
The sale starts on November 17th at 4 PM UTC (8 AM PST or 11 AM EST) at You are allowed to mint up to 30 Pixelnaut NFTs per wallet. Connect your wallet using the button on the top right. We recommend and support Metamask for ease and connectivity. There is an entry form in the middle of the page to type in the amount of Pixelnauts you'd like to receive. Once you enter your amount, click the 'Mint' button to purchase and 'Confirm' in Metamask when it pops up to confirm the transaction.
Pixelnauts main screen, enter your purchase amount in the form above after connecting wallet.
The price per Pixelnaut is .08 ETH + whatever the network charges gas fees to proceed. Gas has been ranging between 98-200 GWEI in the past weeks. Minting will be open until supply sells out, so it is at your discretion to plan your strategy accordingly- you can wait if gas is high and risk them selling out or purchasing on the secondary market potentially at a higher price as well.
MetaMask pop up, click Confirm if you would like to proceed with purchase.
Assuming the transaction is successful, you will then see this prompt pop up:
Success! Click 'Share on Twitter' to let everyone know :)
Congrats! You have minted your Starl Pixelnaut NFTs! You will not see which Pixelnauts you bought right away. There will be a time between minting and a grand “Reveal” day when the Pixelnauts you minted will become visible. In the case that we sell out fast- the reveal will follow shortly after that. If they don’t sell out right away, there will be a 5-7 day period before the characteristic “Reveal.” You will be given plenty of updates on our Official channels via Twitter and Telegram as we go through the process together.
Pre-Reveal screnshot of STARL Marketplace in Profile Edit mode
In the meantime, the Pre-Reveal you will see will be our default “Question Mark” Pixelnaut on your Opensea accounts or the STARL Marketplace (in the Profile Edit view). Once Reveal happens, all question marks will change to the Pixelnauts you have purchased and you'll have your new fun avatar for the marketplace, metaverse, and trading!
Remember to stay safe during the minting of NFTs. ONLY follow official links we provide- if there’s any doubt, ask a friendly Mod or Moe in Telegram (make sure they are admins), and we will be here to help you every step of the way. We are so excited for this event! Thank you all for being with us on this journey. We can’t wait for minting to begin on Wednesday, November 17th at 4 PM UTC.
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