STARL / Warp Nexus Limited Beta Testing
Watching our STARL/Warp Nexus Transformation Teaser

Introduction To Limited Testing

Welcome to the testing of the merge between STARL and Warp Nexus. This testing phase was originally called 'Beta Testing' when the initial roadmap of STARL was created after the token was launched, but since we have acquired Warp Nexus and are merging it with STARL, it is better viewed as a blend between Alpha and Beta testing.
Much has changed since the original roadmap was created, and given the expanded scope of the project now, this can be considered as the earliest stage of many testing phases. This testing is closed to a limited amount of users, and will be available only for a limited amount of time.
This phase will be testing the connection and proof of concept. The setting is a massive hall in a large spaceship in the metaverse. In the future, concerts and live events will be held here and displayed on the screens. For now, we will be playing our previous teaser from YouTube on the screens.
At the moment, walking around is only on the floor. Later, we will be putting in place zero-gravity and the ability to walk around on walls and the ceiling. In the future, you will be able to look up and see crowds above, to the side, and all around you. We also have plans to put various stations around the hall to interact with lights, fireworks, and lasers. This is an ongoing development and will occur later for events. For now, we can join in and see the merge of these two great projects happening.
The visuals are currently in the original Warp Nexus design and look. We are in the process of working with our concept artists to make an all new unique art style that will be totally original and recognizable as STARL. This will be all created by our design team, unique to STARL, using no third party assets. Our concept artists have worked for Pixar, Disney, Lucasfilm, LEGO, and other companies, so expect some fun designs in the future. For now as we join to test functionality and connection, it will look and feel like Warp Nexus. The graphics will still be incredible but expect the style to change as we grow and develop.

Steps to Connect


To connect and test, you will need access to Steam. You will need to create an account and download Steam, or login to your Steam client if you already have access. The metaverse and game will not be on Steam in the future due to blockchain restrictions, but for now with testing without wallet connect, we can access here until we make a move to another service such as Epic (who allow blockchain games).

Register and Download

To Register an account at Steam, go here:
  1. 1.
    Login is on left, Create account is on the right.
  2. 2.
    Click Join Steam, and fill out the info. Verify your account via email verification code.
To Download and Install, go here:

Enter Access Code

There will be a limited number of keys distributed for this test. Please follow upcoming announcements for how these will be distributed, and don't worry if you miss out; there will be more opportunities in the future.
If you have received a Steam key to start testing, follow the steps below
  • In Steam, depending on your client, there is a Menu for Game or +Add Game. Click it and select "Activate a Product on Steam". See the options below:
Games Menu
Add Game Option in Bottom Left Corner
  • Once the Activate option is clicked, it will bring up the Product Code window. Paste your key into the Product Code section. See below:
Paste Steam key here
  • STARL / Warp Nexus will now show up on your 'Games' list in the Steam Client. Install it, and click "Play" to Launch the game
  • These keys will only be valid for a couple of days during testing and will be removed at the end of the testing period. This will mean that the game will also disappear from your Library at the end of this.
  • STARL / Warp Nexus Login and Register screen will pop up. Please register your in-game username and password (see below):
Click Register to create new Pilot, or login to existing one
  • Clicking Register brings up this screen (if mouse doesn't work, press Esc key), please fill out and click Register:
  • Now Register and you can log in (if your mouse doesn't click, press 'Enter' to Register, or 'Esc' to Log in). Log in and select a Server to join. You should receive a link to a private Telegram chat along with your Steam Key. Join that Telegram group and use it to report any feedback, issues, bugs, or discuss the testing. If you have not received a link or cannot connect to this group, contact an admin.
  • We are testing this and need your help, so use this group to help us improve things.
  • Please note, if you have trouble connecting to a server, your antivirus or firewall could be interfering. Disable and check to see.


To adjust controls and settings in the environment, press 'Esc' key. It will bring up the following screen:
From here, you will be able to adjust graphics quality, sound, and music through Settings.
Controls are fixed for now, but these will of course be adjustable in the future. This beta test is only for walking around at the moment. Flying will be another test session. The game supports keyboard, mouse, or Xbox controllers.

Requirements and Specs

  • PC only for Beta testing (we have been testing on Windows 10 and 11). In the future, mobile, Mac, and consoles will be added on.
  • 1.18 GB of hard drive space needed for game download
  • Decent machine with graphics card from past 5 years.
  • DirectX Runtime installed
  • Keyboard, mouse, or Xbox controller
  • If you have trouble connecting, check antivirus or firewall settings. Norton can cause issues with connecting to a server and is easily disabled to test.
  • Please report any issues you find in our Beta testing chatroom. Chatroom will be supplied to anyone testing.
Please remember this is a testing session and not a gaming event. We rely on your feedback to improve the process. Testing is for finding improvements, so there may be bumps in the road. This is how we become the best metaverse and crypto game the world has ever seen. It's about our community.
Also, this testing session is for a very limited area, a concert hall. The areas to visit and travel will grow immensely as we develop. This is just to show capability in a quick time frame. Controls for character movement are limited too, but will expand to many types of movements and actions.
Spaceflight testing is not included in this session. It will be a later date.
We are playing with lighting and adjusting as we test. We can adjust the video on screen too as time goes. Adjustments will happen as testing continues because we are working on this every day. Your feedback is important to us.
Steam is only being used for testing this session without blockchain access. We plan to move once wallet implementation is in process. Stay tuned for more.
We will start at 25 players per instance and adjust if needed or wanted.
To chat, press ENTER, type comment, then press ENTER again.
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