NFTs and the STARL Metaverse

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique individual tokens with additional information stored in them that can take the form of digital art, in-game items, music, video, copy-write, and archival of original documentation. NFTs offer an opportunity for people to express themselves online by acquiring or creating unique items and customizations. This means that when we meet online, our avatars and the places they inhabit are as unique as the humans controlling them. We believe this is an essential part of self-expression and will lead to a closer connection between people in the community, creating a more enjoyable experience while exploring the metaverse. Furthermore, the STARL NFT Market will give all artists the ability to produce and sell their creations within the STARL framework. This will offer community creators the opportunity to generate income through their contributions and feed into a robust economic model of the STARL ecosystem.
‌NFTs will become assets within the metaverse. Users can buy, sell, and trade them in the Market and then use them for items in the metaverse or add-on games and programs. 3D satellites, living modules, vehicles, spaceships, custom skins, and in-game items, tools, and other assets can and will be NFTs, and all will be tradeable, having a value in the metaverse. It has been proposed that they will also have unique values and properties while players are in different areas, and within particular games of the metaverse. For example, one tool NFT in the metaverse may be used as a weapon in one game while also having a different use in another game. These will be connected and constantly interacting, with the developer’s ideas of its use and ability being unique to that item.

NFT Sales

STARL had its first round of Limited Edition NFT sales on the 3rd of August 2021, our first SATE Auction. This initial sale was conducted through a 24-hour auction of 18 digital satellites used for staking, which generated a total of USD 1.5m in sales during that time, shining a powerful spotlight on STARL in the NFT world. The second round of Satellite NFTs was auctioned on the 24th of September, with 12 satellites auctioned for USD 1.1m.
Screengrab of LADON created by Impeccablez which sold for 12.1B STARL.
The format of NFT sales in the future will vary. We wish these to be accessible to all community members, however, these initial auctions were certainly a vote of confidence in the project, demonstrated by such significant contribution and demand for these first two rounds of assets.
The third round of NFTS for sale was for living modules, however, these were a fixed price instead of an auction as the SATE NFTs were. The first Living Module fixed price sale consisted of 128 Limited Edition artist rendition pieces. Since the demand was incredibly high and the assets sold out in minutes, a second Living Module sale was scheduled shortly after.
Living Module by Kevin Schow
Many more NFT sales and auctions will occur surrounding the STARL Metaverse Project. Another NFT sale is the 'Artist Profile Series'. With these NFTs, STARL Market users' social profiles can display unique and collectible NFT profile pictures. These profile NFTs can be traded on the market and have representation in the metaverse as a character's avatar in various situations.
Vol. 1 in Artist Profile Series - PIXELNAUTS
The PIXELNAUTS collection is the first volume in STARL’s new 'Artist Profile Series' focusing on fun pixel art reminiscent of the retro gaming years. Users can mint a unique, original, and limited NFT (10k total) to use as their Profile picture or trade it on the marketplace. Each limited STARL 'Artist Profile Series' will feature a theme created and curated by one specific artist.
For more details on the contracts surrounding NFT assets, please visit the STARL DETAILS section.
Screengrab of PHOBETOR by JSnori which sold for 10.8B STARL, equivalent to $110K USD at the time
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