The STARL token itself is unique in its simplicity. Unfortunately, many cryptocurrencies have complicated, confusing, unsustainable, and often deceptive mechanics written into their contracts. These may at first appear desirable but can lead to manipulation or the deterioration of projects over time.
STARL is as simple and transparent as possible:
  • No tax on any transactions: people receive as much STARL as they pay for and are not penalized for trading
  • No developer wallet: there is no automatic amount per transaction being sent to anywhere or anyone
  • No in-built burn or mint mechanism: STARL will never be automatically inflationary or deflationary
  • All tokens are in circulation: some projects use a vesting process to ‘lock’ a portion of tokens for a particular amount of time. Many projects experience a steep decline in price during vesting unlocks, as large amounts of tokens suddenly flood the market which dilutes the supply and makes it harder for the price to recover. With STARL, there are no locked tokens. The supply is constant and it can only ever be reduced manually or by unforeseen circumstances (as in lost wallets from users, just like what happens with Bitcoin). Token burns can be done manually by any holder's wallet sending to a burn address, but it is not an automatic mechanism and it is up to any holder, not contract or code.
    Simply put, the circulating supply can never be increased higher than it is today.
  • The contract is renounced: none of these mechanisms can be adjusted or changed at any time as nobody has access to the original contract. The token contract is set and can never be manipulated.
These factors ensure that the STARL token itself is secure, transparent, sustainable, and fair. STARL will be the currency of the STARL metaverse and (like all cryptocurrencies) can be bought and sold for conventional fiat currencies to support people’s real-world needs.
Last modified 1mo ago
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