Be Yourself
The core tenet of STARL is to offer the connection, environment, and tools necessary to encourage you to Be Yourself in a time where authentic online expression of self and identity is more important than ever. Players will be able to adorn themselves in whatever style suits them best, showing off unique character options they have unlocked through hard work or good fortune.
No two characters will ever look exactly the same, with innumerable combinations of features available and a sliding color scale that lets users change hue, saturation, and brightness of each combination option. Many customization options are yet to be unlocked, meaning the variety of ways to make your perfect avatar will only grow from here. Players will be able to wear holo-badges, items on their back (such as wings and jetpacks), have floating halos, armbands, and more.
Early concept art for the STARL Trooper helmet
Users can earn customization options through achievements, as rewards for playing games or attending events, purchasing them through the STARL Market or in-game store, or even by owning other NFT assets and items. Customization options that can be purchased or earned in-game will be able to be minted to the blockchain and listed on the STARL Marketplace for others to purchase. Likewise, NFT customizations purchased through the STARL Marketplace will be usable in-game.
Customization is not limited only to player characters. Spaceships in Warp Nexus will also have an array of options to let people change anything from the components and color of their ship, to other expressive features such as ship trails and lights. In future, player Living Modules will also have customization options, allowing users to make their house a home.
Players will be able to engage in various activities and events in STARL and earn customizations unique to whatever they participated in. This might be emulating features from alien species in Warp Nexus, prizes from the Starcade, commemorative items from attending concerts, special NFT artist series, or designer clothing from metaverse fashion shows. As more is added to the metaverse, and more worlds are introduced, the variety of customization options increases along with it, meaning there will always be new and exciting ways to carve your unique path through STARL and all it has to offer.