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The Hub

The STARL Hub is the central meeting place of the metaverse, with portals to all the various sections and features of the wider universe. When users first log in, they will appear in the entrance room under bright beams of light.
Spawning Area
Users can customize thier character here before running down the hallway to the expansive nucleus of the Hub, the station centre, backlit by a radiant star and colorful lights.
The Hub has entry portals to every section and district of the STARL Metaverse, with more being added all the time. From here you can enter the Starcade to play some minigames, your Living Module (or the Living Module show home), Warp Nexus space MMO, The Arena for a dance party, or the meditation room for some peace and quiet.
STARL Entrances
The Hub is also where players can socialize with others, get the latest news and updates, and meet their friends. As it grows, new levels will open in the Hub, with many new areas and activities planned for the future.