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Important Notice to the STARL Token Holders and Community:
Due to substantive changes in the administrative structure and project development trajectory, the original development of the STARL Metaverse has been permanently discontinued. The STARL team, excluding the founders, has transitioned to form a new entity known as Warped Games. To explore or follow their new initiatives, please visit Warped Games.
We emphasize that the STARL token is not associated with the previously envisioned STARL Metaverse project or its development. The token operates without a dedicated development team and future development, if any, will be driven by the community.
Please exercise caution and conduct thorough research prior to making any purchase decisions related to the STARL token. Ensure that your decisions are not based on the discontinued STARL Metaverse project or any previous associations and developments.
For detailed information about the transition and additional context, you're invited to read: An Open Letter to the STARL Community.


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