STARL Marketplace

The Market Section

The STARL Market will is where you can find all the NFTs in the STARL ecosystem. Once purchased, NFTs will interact with the metaverse, or games within the metaverse, in various ways.

The Market enables participants to manage and exchange NFTs, virtual real estate, and other assets such as in-game wearables and tools. It will also sell customizations for modules, satellites, vehicles, and character skin and clothes.

Metaverse travelers will have the ability to earn assets in the universe and games that can be minted to the blockchain as an NFT and traded on the market. By utilizing the blockchain, you can have true ownership, with the ability to monetize and freely trade your assets. Read more about this in the STARL Pass section.


Once a user signs into the Market with their wallet, they will be able to set up their Profile. This is linked to your wallet address, and will be used for the marketplace and the metaverse.

Users can link their personal information, social media profiles, personal website, and more. Users that are bidding on NFTs will have their Profile name displayed in the 'Offers' section.

Profiles can display unique NFT profile pictures. The PIXELNAUTS collection is the first volume in STARL’s new 'Artist Profile Series'. Users can mint a unique, original, and limited NFT to use as their Profile picture, or trade on the marketplace. Each NFT has a set of unique characteristics that can be traded and collected.

Asset Details

Asset details in the Market will feature various properties including value, Bid History and purchases, and Price History. Properties of each NFT, such as the SATE below, can be viewed as well as seen below.

The Create Section

The 'Create' section is focussed entirely on the community. While the STARL Market is focussed on curated and in-game assets, the Create section focusses on community created NFTs.

STARL is all about the community and the community has given so much to the project. This is where we all come together.

CREATE royalties and fees are yet to be decided. As development progresses to this section, community input will be sought for these discussions. More to come.

The Universe Section

The Universe Section will be the access point to STARL Metaverse. More information will be available on this in the coming months.

The Play Section

The Play Section will contain everything you need for the Starcade, including where you purchase Pass Points and launch arcade games.

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