STARL NFTs and Assets

Currently, STARL's ecosystem consists of the following NFT assets:
Living Modules - STARL's unique virtual real estate. It is not "Land". They are spaceships that orbit celestial objects in space and provide private living quarters in the metaverse, along with Pass Point rewards.
Physics Altering Lifeforms (PALs) - PAL NFTs are your partners in the MMO space game Warp Nexus, and possessing one entitles you to a myriad of benefits such as full access to the game forever, exclusive character and ship customizations and enhancements, and STARL Pass Point rewards.
Pixelnauts - STARL's avatar series that provides access to certain areas in the Metaverse and boosts rewards.
Satellite (SATE) NFTs - The first NFTs released by STARL that provide an APR reward based on the original purchase price of the unit. 3D units created by STARL Community artists.
Please check out the detailed pages for each asset above to learn more.

Where to buy STARL NFTs?

We are working on our secondary marketplace to be able to trade all our NFTs freely. For now, please find the links below to purchase or trade our NFTs.


Contract Address: 0x09243c5fC239A879825e816CF062B7C337EA5412

Mint one now at:

Secondary Market:

Living Modules vX

Contract Address: 0x1b2F625E11c2Cb949B465F343Fe866D7f30f204a

Living Modules - Original

Contract Address: 0x3634847577a40af0a0f592fdbcc1903720112cf6


Contract Address: 0x27cC171B16FdD2224E1f93eD7DccFcc6790cA4BF


Contract Address: 0x48470fb3fe7108b9e15b2bf7aa15b7adf774d721