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Unreal Engine 5

STARL has upgraded from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5 (UE5).
UE5 is the most capable engine yet, creating cutting-edge graphics and art design with real-like lighting, animation and audio improvements.
UE5 improves graphics in many ways. One of the more standout updates from it is removing the need for developers to place artificial lighting in games. Instead, UE5 has a universal lighting engine that simulates natural light and reflections from the light source within the environment. In Unreal Engine 4, a great deal of work and time is in placing artificial light on various areas and objects to try and simulate what lights, shadows, and reflections do in the real world.
It takes many iterations and time from developers to light the environments this way. UE5 removes that process and sends accurate lighting from the source through the environment, making the experience much more realistic and rich. Warp Nexus, the large-scale space-based MMO within the STARL Metaverse, will be the first game utilizing blockchain to implement UE5!