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STARL Metaverse Overview

Please Note: The original STARL team, excluding the founders, has transitioned to become Warped Games, migrating to Development of STARL Metaverse has been discontinued due to administrative changes and control of funds and contracts remaining with the founders. Warped emerges as a reimagination, committed to safeguarding and progressing the team’s collective dreams and ambitions. For further information on this transition, please visit: An Open Letter to the STARL Community.

The STARL Metaverse

The STARL Metaverse is a vibrant virtual space that hosts multiple interconnected forms of digital interaction and entertainment. Users can direct their fully customizable avatars through an immersive and engaging environment. Attend virtual concerts, pilot ships through a dynamic space MMO, test your skills at arcade games to win the top prize, or find yourself a new home with a STARL Living Module. The STARL Metaverse aims to bring people together from all around the world for entertainment, education, interaction, and expression.
Our lives and world are becoming unavoidably digitally connected. In a world where online interactivity was expedited through a global pandemic, authentic avenues for connection and individual expression became more necessary than ever. We are undeniably progressing towards a more technological future, one fraught with vested interests and ulterior motives. However, there are beacons of connection amidst a rapidly evolving and technologically engaged world.
The STARL Metaverse seeks to bring people from all over the globe together to interact with one another and participate in communal events and activities online. We seek to create a fair, equitable, entertaining, and sustainable environment for all to enjoy. STARL's primary goal is to encourage you to Be Yourself. We provide the tools for you to appear however you like, attend the events you wish to go to, connect with the people you'd like to talk to, and bring the ideas you have into reality.
The Arena
The internet as it is in its current state is fragmented and isolated from various parts of itself. We engage with it in a two-dimensional way, navigating to webpages but never truly feeling immersed in it or connected with others on the platform. Co-opted by digital giants, the term 'metaverse' has grown to be associated with greedy corporations and unenticing virtual spaces. Instead, a 'metaverse' can represent a free and fair evolution of the current way in which we interface with a global network and one another.
By providing the means of self-expression and communication, the STARL Metaverse aims to encourage each individual to be entirely themselves in a virtual environment there to improve their wellbeing and fulfilment in life. This is not a substitute for experiencing all the world has to offer, but instead is a bastion of ethical standards in an uncertain but increasingly complex technological future.
Warp Nexus
The natural progression of the internet is into a form that is more interactive, immersive, and accessible. One where we are represented in a way that reflects ourselves, where we can express ourselves adequately, and be free to do what we wish. This is STARL.
STARL is also supporting it's own NFT Marketplace where users can purchase items and customizations using the $STARL token on the blockchain.

The Hub

The STARL Hub is the central meeting place of the metaverse, with portals to all the various sections and features of the wider universe. This is where users can find all that STARL has to offer.

The STARL Marketplace

STARL also supports it's own NFT Marketplace where users can purchase items and customizations using the $STARL token on the blockchain. With the coming Secondary Market upgrade, users will be able to list their own STARL NFTs for sale. Players will also eventually be able to mint their in-game items to the blockchain and list them on the STARL Market.


The STARL Arena is a virtual concert hall where artists can perform live or pre-recorded, and have their image or a visual show be presented on giant screens within the Arena space. A vivid light show, partly steered by partygoers, adorns the walls to dazzle and mesmerize spectators while music is broadcast throughout the hall.
An Arena show
Performers have complete freedom to broadcast their music to anyone anywhere in the world, bypassing any third party platform or limitations. Attendees are able to join together and dance in both the virtual space and their own, seeing live acts that they would have otherwise had to travel many miles to see. The number of online performances has only grown in recent years, with STARL simply adding an additional layer to the level of immersion and quality of experience.

Warp Nexus

Warp Nexus is an expansive and stunning space MMO where users can trade in a dynamic and reactive in-game economy, set out for dominance in space battle, discover curious and complex alien species, customize a spaceship, and uncover a rich story with missions to uncover the true nature of reality.
Warp Nexus
Players can access Warp Nexus through the STARL Hub to learn more about the universe, it's inhabitants, and to fly around themselves. This will be the first major game in the STARL Metaverse where players can decide the path they take and the world responds and reacts to the decisions they make.


The Starcade will host various minigames and arcade games for users to test their skills, competing for prizes and a top position on the Leaderboard for all to see. It will be a platform for eager game designers to showcase their creations and provide new challenges for competitive players.
Starcade entrance: Opening Soon

Living Modules

Living Modules are your home in the STARL Metaverse. Here you will be able to interact with your module, earn Pass Points, showcase your NFTs, and much more. Users can find a Living Module show home in the STARL Hub where they can go on an audio tour of the house while looking at a stunning view above Saturn.
Living Module with star map
Users can purchase limited edition Living Modules from the STARL Market and will be able to list and sell them there again in the future.

Meditation Space

Players can listen to guided meditation and mindfulness sessions, alongside relaxing ambient music. Meditation and mindfulness are widely encouraged today as a method of reducing stress and improving their quality of life. STARL cares about the well-being and enjoyment of its community. We hope to accommodate an environment that is supportive, pro-active, meaningfully engaged, and beneficial. By offering this relaxing space in the metaverse, we can encourage our fellow space farers to take a moment for themselves to improve their mental wellbeing and health.
The STARL Meditation Space

The $STARL Token

The $STARL token launched at the start of July 2021, boasting a fully circulating supply (meaning no locked tokens), and no tax or other tokenomics on transactions. This meant that the token was entirely community owned and controlled, with no hidden nasty surprises that often appear in the crypto world.
STARL combines the metaverse with the blockchain, offering users a decentralized currency to utilize in the rich universe of STARL. Not only can you use the $STARL token to buy usable in-game NFTs, but you will be able to mint items found or earned in-game and sell them on the STARL Market for $STARL tokens. To read more about the in-game economy, have a look at the STARL Play Pass section.
$STARL is not only enticing for investors wanting to accumulate tokens early before demand rises further, but also for traders wishing to take make full use of the lack of transaction tax. This makes the token itself appealing to both those who wish to treat it as a cryptocurrency, and those who wish to make full use of it when customizing their metaverse experience.


The STARL Project is expanding rapidly in many directions. The scope is significant, and there are many aspects to digest and explore as you learn more about STARL. We suggest using this document as a guide to dive deeper into each section, and keep checking back here as it is updated and expanded upon to match updates and changes as they happen.
"Metaverse is a direction, not a destination" - Ken, 2022