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Players can access the Starcade through the Hub or on the Play section of the STARL website. STARL Pass Points are used for each round of a Starcade game, just like tokens in an arcade. More can be read about Pass Points here.
To The Moon
The first minigame coming to the Starcade is To The Moon, developed by Shahid Ahmad. This is an endless scroller game which requires players to navigate an astronaut across a randomised maze of bombs scattered over the surface of the moon. Players must collect gems to gain points and extra lives. Moon buggies, obstacles, and unpredictable bomb clusters require players to think and react quickly, solve puzzles, and stay focused. Other players will be able to view a live leaderboard showing the top scores for that round and how many points they reached. Will you make it to the top?
The Starcade entrance
Beyond being fun and testing your skills, there are other incentives to play Starcade games. Victorious participants will be able to win NFTs and gaming assets.