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Living Modules

Your home among the stars.
Living Module Danta by Kevin Schow

Living Modules

Living Modules are your home in the STARL Metaverse. Here you will be able to interact with your module, earn Pass Points, showcase your NFTs, and much more.
Opening the view from the interior of a Medium Sized Living Module
Each Living Module has an external appearance, viewable on the STARL Marketplace and from within your own module on the orbital camera system, as well as an enterable interior with spectacular cosmic views and furnishings.
Interior of a Medium size Living Module
You can browse Living Modules on the STARL Marketplace or OpenSea, where they are sold as NFTs in Small, Medium, Large, and Luxury sizes. The module sizes are the discerning cost factor for the Small, Medium, and Large units. Luxury units are auctioned, and price reflects artist designs and the rarity of the items’ properties.
The initial sets of Living Modules are Limited Edition ‘Artist Rendition’ NFTs. Each item in those sets has a unique design created by one of the many talented 3D artists in the STARL Artist Collective, including many with unique sound sets. These limited edition Living Module NFTs will act as key cards to access your living quarters in the metaverse. The NFT designs are artist interpretations of modules orbiting and flying in space.
Living Module NFT created by Jsnori
There is a portal within the STARL Metaverse Hub to access your Living Modules. Users can currently try a demo version for themselves by heading over to the Living Module section of the STARL Hub.
The Living Module Portal in the STARL Hub
Inside the demonstration module, you will find a guided tour from the in-home AI system to explain each area and give some context to areas of utility. Simply press the green button in each section to hear some more information about wherever you are. DO NOT PUSH THE BLUE BUTTON.
On the kitchen bench, you can find a map which shows your location relative to the wider solar system. In future, you will be able to select which planet or moon you'd like to orbit. Those who purchased Living Modules earlier will be eligible for the first selections, with priority continuing in order of purchase date.
More details are yet to be announced, but each area of the Living Module will continue to develop into interesting and useful tools to give you bonuses and help you thrive in the metaverse.

Earning Pass Points with Living Modules

This will be a way owners of Living Modules will be able to take part in and earn Pass Points. They will then be able to use these points to purchase limited assets to use in the metaverse, or mint and trade in the marketplace.
To earn Pass Points with Living Modules, there are two methods. One is simply to own a Living Module and earn daily points. Another way to earn on top of that, is to collect resources to keep fueling your Living Module. Owners will need to travel and explore other users’ Living Modules to find and collect these resources. Once a user collects all 5, they can add them to their Living Module Processing Unit to fuel it and receive pass points to be used within the metaverse. Some info about the process below:
  • The 5 resources needed to keep your living module running and liveable: Oxygen, Nutrients, Water, Energy, Element X
  • Station owners can make up to 4 themselves (1 to 4) depending on the size of their living module. Small = 1, Medium = 2, Large = 3, Luxury = 4. Owners will have to acquire the rest by visiting other LMs via a teleporter.
  • Each Living Module has a Processing Center that can combine up to 5 materials depending on size, which then brews STARL Play Pass Points. Each time this process is implemented, it cannot be done again for another 24 hours (cooldown). The larger the Living Module, the higher the amount of STARL Play Pass Points rewarded.
Living Module Processing Center
  • Owning a Pixelnaut will also give a bonus to the returns. Details to come.
  • STARL Play Pass Points will pay out based on a percentage of total Pass Point sales of the previous day, split among all LM owners.
  • Size of Living Module will increase earnings.
  • Owning an LM also earns daily pass points passively.
  • However, collecting resources and processing them gives owners an equal additional amount, doubling their daily earnings.
  • The more Living Modules one owns, the more they can earn (i.e., 3LMs = 3x earnings).
  • Living Module owners can opt out other Living Module owners accessing their real estate. They will not be able to earn from collecting resources, however, they can still earn passively from just owning a Living Module.
  • All points earned can be used to purchase in-game cosmetic customizations and items as well as Starcade plays, which can also present earnings and prize winnings.