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The Arena

Baseck playing during the Grand Reveal Launch
The Arena is the hottest (and only) club in the STARL Hub, allowing users to attend virtual concerts and DJ sets from artists all over the world. Giant jumbotron screens, video drones, and a scattering of televisions can broadcast performers live into the metaverse as they showcase their tunes, while the surrounding walls and floors light up in a dazzling display of mesmerizing visuals and lasers.
While the music in The Arena will make anyone jump to their feet and dance around the living room, your character in the metaverse can also dance along with you. Different dances are mapped to number keys, meaning you can send your avatar into a footloose frenzy with friends, all from the comfort of home.
Scattered around the winding walkways are teleporters which zip players up and away into various VIP rooms perched along the walls. These unique rooms give people somewhere to sit and have a break, watch the concert from a different vantage point, or meet friends. Each VIP section has its own style and can fit any mood.
The Arena is not only a feast for the eyes and ears, but also a technical feat, opening up options for streaming music and performances to people all over the world without restrictions that come with using third party platforms, and total freedom to collaborate with artists both established and upcoming.
STARL has partnered with Amoeba Records and Dublab to bring in amazing artists and deliver sets to anyone anywhere. Performances can be live feeds, with DJs or bands streaming themselves into the Arena in real time, allowing them to interact with attendees and even run around as a character among partygoers themselves.
You'll also find interesting ways to interact with and affect your environment. The colored dancefloors scattered around The Arena can change the color scheme of the light display, depending on which one has the most people standing on it. There is also a beach ball hiding somewhere in The Arena for players to kick around to each other.