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Meditation Space

A place to pause, breathe, and be.
Located in a corner of the STARL Hub, users will find a quiet meditation space, set aside for any travellers who would like a break and reset from the activity of the world - either physical or virtual.
Players can listen to guided meditation and mindfulness sessions, alongside relaxing ambient music. Direct your avatar to sit facing the towering windows and cosmic view, while you also take a comfortable position and a moment to reset. Players can select between the solo meditation room, or the group meditation room.
We are bombarded each day with intense news coverage, personal challenges, unprecedented global issues, pressures and responsibilities, self-doubt, health issues, and loneliness. Understandably, this can lead to a deterioration of mental wellbeing and compounding stress.
The group meditation space
There is strong evidence today that practicing techniques explored in meditation and mindfulness can help alleviate distress and start to untangle some of the difficult-to-navigate interference from the tumultuous mind.
Through regular practice, users can cultivate beneficial life skills such as observing thoughts without being attached to them, having a deeper awareness of themselves, and being more present in the moment.
Given the STARL Project began with the launch of a cryptocurrency token, it is safe to say that currently the majority of our userbase are or have been involved in crypto in some way. We understand that cryptocurrency is an especially fast paced, volatile, emotionally intensive landscape with the highest highs and the lowest lows. This makes offering a space for connection and support especially important.
More than anything, STARL cares about the well-being and enjoyment of its community. We hope to accommodate an environment that is supportive, pro-active, meaningfully engaged, and beneficial. By offering this relaxing space in the metaverse, we can encourage our fellow space farers to take a moment for themselves to improve their mental wellbeing and quality of life. We're all on this journey together.
The Meditation Space entrance