Metaverse Roadmap
Plans have updated extensively since the first edition of our roadmap (released on the first week of the project).
  • Keep in mind that the Roadmap is always subject to change as the project evolves and we explore the connection between cryptocurrency, gaming, and the virtual worlds of the metaverse.
  • We are pushing boundaries and charting new territory, and with that, always expect the unexpected.
  • Exploring introduces new challenges, but also leads to new discoveries and features to implement.

Overall Roadmap V2


  • STARL Token Launch
  • CG & CMC Listing
  • Website Launch
  • Whitepaper 1.0 Release
  • Metaverse Planning
  • Gather Developers and Designers in Community (for Community Sector and NFT Market)
  • Release first Space Station teaser - Single Player focus (i.e. Spacehub, Spacebase, etc.)
  • Community Sector - Develop multiplayer connectivity in Space Station and release teaser
  • Community Sector - Develop Character Customization option for Space Hub
  • Minigame Research

MISSION 02 - In Progress

  • SATE NFT Smart Contract
  • STARL Market Launch V1
  • 1st NFT Auction - 'SATE Round 1'
  • TheGraph Implementation for Transparency
  • Profile Implementation
  • Onboard Unreal Engine Metaverse Sector team leads Shahid Ahmad (producer and advisor) and Scott Brown (lead developer)
  • Development on Metaverse Enhancements - Graphics improvements in Community Sector
  • Minigame Development hiring and start
  • Minigame Development - Move game to server side and expand functionalities (ongoing)
  • Development on Metaverse Enhancements - Terrain improvements
  • STARL Market Launch V2
  • 2nd NFT Auction - 'SATE Round 2'
  • Onboard Unreal Engine Metaverse Sector design team
  • Research and Development on Anti-Cheat tactics in Minigames, leading to Anti-Cheat strategies and tech in Metaverse Side Main Game (ongoing)
  • 1st STARL Market Fixed Price Sale - Living Modules - Limited Edition 3D Designer series
  • Amoeba Music Partnership
  • 2nd STARL Market Fixed Price Sale - Living Modules - Limited Edition 3D Designer series (by community request)
  • Concept Artists begin new original art style and designs to blend STARL and Warp Nexus into a standout and unique style
  • 1st Artist Profile Series - PIXELNAUTS
  • STARL Arena (Amoebaverse) Design and Development
  • STARL Arena launch
  • STARL Market - Secondary Market Development start (In Process)
  • STARL Market - Secondary Market Development launch
  • STARL Market - CREATE Section Implementation


  • STARL Metaverse enters Early Access - May 28th 5:00 AM UTC
  • Living Module Open House
  • Metaverse Development - Test Space Station limitations and connectivity for desktop and mobile - fix bugs, allow more users in on a tiered structure as progress continues.
  • Sidegame Developments - Begin testing gameplay mechanics of Warp Nexus updates and start merge to STARL Metaverse (ongoing expansion)
  • Metaverse Development - Web3 implementations
  • Metaverse Development - Design upgrades
  • Metaverse Development - Character Customization
  • Metaverse Development - Space Station NFT galleries (hub and living modules)
  • Metaverse Development - Create live audio/visual connectivity for events
  • "STARL Nexus" - Original Concept Art Mission - Concept art chosen, start building new 3D models to the art style
  • Starcade - Minigame Development & Alpha test group- fix/test/validate/repeat 🛠
  • Starcade - Minigame Development - Leaderboard, Authentication, and Wallet Integration (In Process)
  • Starcade - Minigame Private Beta Test on Rinkeby Network with community members (signup TBD)
  • Starcade - Minigame Launch and Support
  • Warp Nexus Development - Redesign look, economy values, vehicles and stations (In Process)


  • Warp Nexus Demo Opens
  • Warp Nexus launch
  • Introduce more assets in STARL Market as Warp Nexus and missions expand (weapons, tools, modifications)
  • Expand to Mac compatibility
  • Expand to mobile compatibility
  • Onboard more minigames for STARL Arcade in metaverse space hubs (also will be available in PLAY Section)

Unreal Engine Metaverse Development Tasklist and Roadmap (Wyrmbyte Studios Roadmap)

Phase 1 : Design

  • Art Style Version 1 - Completed (Warp Nexus design will be upgraded to fit a more modern look and STARL aesthetic as we onboard more designers and artists - this is already in progress)
  • Design and develop spacecraft concert hall for specialized live events (ongoing)
  • Metaverse Station Rough Design - In progress
    • Details and Limitations to expand on, develop, test boundaries of Space Stations:
      • What are all the rooms in each station, what they contain, layout and dimensions, furniture and what can be customized within modules? What can be obtained free or upgraded via the Market? What are the limits to customization?
      • Rough Visual layout of station, pods, activity rooms, spaceship access, gaming portals, etc.
      • Player amount limit for each station
      • How stations are instanced
      • Station hosting
      • Market Access locations
  • Technical Design -> Unreal 4 client API for STARL Market.
  • Technical Design -> Game based player information
  • Unique login
  • Develop installer/patcher to move off from Steam
  • Storing player statistics and non NFT items, credits, etc
  • Design on how to earn in game assets in Warp Nexus and trade them in the STARL Marketplace
  • Design on Warp Nexus ships, equipment, statistics
  • New 'Design' and art style
  • Design of Warp Nexus -> STARL storyline for increased player engagement (lore)

Phase 2: STARL Metaverse Station

  • Players can log-in, create accounts
  • Wallet connection
  • Players can walk around station
  • Players can portal to new areas
  • Access to Arena
  • Animated space and centerpiece
  • Character animations
  • Players can view the Market from an in-game interface.
  • Living Module Demo
  • Access to personal Living Modules
  • Access to Starcade
  • Testing

Phase 3: Warp Nexus - Single Player

  • Warp Nexus Demo access
  • Players can log-in, create accounts.
  • Basic storyline for new players joining the game to guide them
  • Can launch missions from stations
  • Support for NFTs in game
  • Ships can be improved by playing missions

Phase 4: Player Owned Stations

  • Players can operate their own NFT stations
  • Stations can collect rare materials to construct new NFTs
  • Players can see other player stations out in space

Phase 5: Warp Nexus - Multiplayer

  • Co-op and PvP missions with increased rewards
  • Conquest mode - allows players to compete for control of special stations with additional earning possibilities

Phase 6: Customization

  • Players can purchase, sell, trade NFT based skins for NFT spaceships and player outfits

Phase 7: Non-NFT owners game play

  • Allow players to play and earn by flying other players ships
  • Leadership board of top community pilots to hire
  • Other players can fly NFTs
  • Ability to hire pilots to travel through dangerous sectors.