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Living Modules

Limited Edition Living Module designed by Kevin Schow
Living Modules will be one form of virtual real estate in the STARL Metaverse. They represent your personal quarters where you can store your items, customize your interior, and display your digital art and NFTs. Further utilities of living modules may include abilities to regain health, customize character outfits, and rent quarters out to other users for profit so they too can improve health and gain various power-ups for in-game usage.
Living Module NFTs act as key cards to access your home ‌on each base in the metaverse. ‌The first round available to buy were 128 Limited Edition Living Modules, each an original and unique design by a 3D artist. These were available during the initial drop, and also via secondary sales when this function is implemented in the marketplace. Due to their unique design, the first Limited Editions are likely be sought after as valuable assets. If there is high demand, more 3D Artist rendered Limited Edition Living Modules may be considered, however, standard modules will also be available for everyone further into development. While these subsequent Living Modules will not be limited edition one-off designs, they will still carry attributes, and will be available for purchase to all travelers of the metaverse.
‌Although the living modules do not generate APR rewards (unlike satellites) they will be highly useful and desirable as virtual real estate in the metaverse, as well as carrying special perks and boosts.
Another Limited Edition Living Module designed by Kevin Schow

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