The STARL Play Pass

Introducing the STARL Play Pass!

The STARL Play Pass enables a metaverse side gas-free payment system for specific games and limited items.

As we continue to develop and expand our beautiful metaverse, portals, virtual real estates, events, games, and discoveries of the vast universe, we will be updating and educating our holders on the increasingly expanding and intricate ecosystem of STARL. With today’s update, we are announcing a new feature being added to the STARL Metaverse, the Play Pass, and diving into why and how it is important for users and players.
While STARL started as just a token that brought a passionate community together, it has evolved from community lead brainstorms into a plan for an entire space-themed metaverse. Most other projects in the same field begin with an idea, private funds from investor firms, and then a token is created later to bring it together. STARL is slightly different, with no outside funders, VCs, private sales, presales, or token taxes to fund the project. Instead, the token was released 100% to the public, and the community came together to create the plan. A connection was needed between the token and the metaverse as a way to fund and drive the ecosystem. Thus, the team developed the STARL Marketplace. Using the Marketplace, NFTs are sold as the core assets of the metaverse and games within it. The Marketplace and the $STARL token will continue to be the core driver of this economy.
One of the portals in the STARL metaverse is the Starcade which will host arcade games and minigames. These games are designed to be smaller in scope and playtime compared to most available games on the market. They will have rewards and ways to earn based on leaderboard placement and goals accomplished and achieved. Because these games are short in nature, being minigames, they will be inexpensive to play (only a few cents per round).
In our development chats and discussions, the team sought to develop a way to make paying for, playing, and transacting on these low-cost items as inexpensive as possible. No one wants to pay gas fees for each of these tiny transactions — imagine paying a few dollars in gas for a minigame round that only costs a few cents. The best approach to this was to devise a way to make one transaction in $STARL, paying the single gas fee, and then be able to buy many game credits to play where gas was not required for each transaction. The proposed structure emulates the way that most modern arcade venues approach this; a customer buys an arcade game pass card and loads it with points via a single initial purchase. Players can then use that pass and the points on any game without making subsequent purchases — even using these points to purchase or win prizes. This scenario became the inspiration for the Starcade. And thus, the STARL Play Pass was born!
STARL Play Pass Points can be used for both “activities,” and “accessories.”

What is the STARL Play Pass?

STARL Play Pass

The STARL Play Pass enables a metaverse side gas-free payment system for specific games and limited items. The points for the STARL Play Pass will be purchased with the $STARL token via the STARL Marketplace. STARL Play Pass Points can be used for both “activities,” i.e., playing games, and “accessories,” i.e., assets and items purchased in the coming Gameside Store (the in-game non-blockchain metaverse shop for limited edition items). These assets will then be able to be minted into an NFT on the blockchain and sold via the STARL Marketplace for $STARL or $ETH if the user chooses to. The Pass is an optional way to transact in the metaverse, giving flexibility for users to choose which items they would like to have as an NFT or not. A user may want to move a more valuable item to their blockchain wallet later, and they will have that option.
The STARL Marketplace on the blockchain will continue to be the core marketplace and location for trading items and assets for the Metaverse and games, but the Pass adds flexibility to the ecosystem, and users can choose how they want to interact with it.
STARL Play Pass Points
The value of each Pass Point will be set to $0.01 USD. A user can load up as much or little as they would like in a single transaction. To play games in the Starcade, Pass Points will be needed. Different games will cost different amounts of points depending on what game they are and the level/type of play (casual, leaderboard, tournaments, etc.). Casual play will be extremely cheap, whereas tournament modes will have higher entry, but more lucrative prizes. For Warp Nexus and other major games, specific amounts of Pass Points will be needed to pay to access various missions, levels, areas, and cosmetic customizations. Other areas will require $STARL token from the blockchain.
Most items purchased with the STARL Play Pass can also be accessed with $STARL on the Marketplace, but the pass allows multiple smaller purchases to be made in-game and without requiring gas payments for each and every transaction. This ultimately gives flexibility to the user and saves significantly on transaction fees. In many cases, limited metaverse assets and game items will be split between the STARL Marketplace and the Gameside Store (also limited amounts), with STARL Marketplace being the first location of availability. This gives access to each side of the user base, while also retaining the value of the items.
Once bought, Pass Points cannot be transferred back into $STARL tokens on the blockchain side. Instead, they must be used within the metaverse or STARL Gameside Store. This is because they are not an investment or to be bought to hold in large amounts. Instead, they are for using and spending while in the metaverse, like any other arcade or game-style venue that uses a pass. More expensive and unique or limited items will stay on the STARL Marketplace on the blockchain, and still utilize the $STARL token. The Pass is simply there to provide options, and flexibility, and to reduce fees for the user.
The Portal to the STARCADE from the STARL Hub

Where can the STARL Play Pass Be Used?


The value of each Pass Point is set to $0.01, but games will cost varying amounts of points depending on the games. Certain minigames will cost cents for each play, while other more elaborate arcade games can cost more. It will depend on the developers of these games to choose the entry level to each game
One of the main reasons to use the Pass system in the STARCADE is that some games will cost only a few cents to play, and paying gas on each transaction will add up massively. Even if the token was to bridge to another chain where gas costs cents, one round of a minigame would still cost less than the transaction fee on most other chains. Hundreds of plays add up over time. Having only one transaction in $ETH to buy STARL Play Pass Points and being able to play hundreds of times makes it the obvious choice.
In the STARCADE, there will be ways to win and earn assets such as cosmetic customizations and items for use in the metaverse. These will be issued to players game-side, but users will also have the option and ability to mint their rewards into NFTs that can then be sold for $STARL tokens in the Marketplace. This allows players to either use their winnings from the STARCADE, Metaverse, or other games, or trade them and earn $STARL in the Marketplace. The items earned and won will all be high quality, limited assets, making them unique, special, and sought after. They won’t be bland, generic items like a “red glove,” but instead will be dazzling, fantastical, and limited theme-based outfits and skins to help you uniquely Be Yourself. They will all be original designs from the incredibly talented design team at Wyrmbyte.

Used in Gameside Store

The STARL Metaverse will have a Gameside Store using only STARL Play Pass Points to purchase items. This storefront will be limited to special and unique items hand selected and designed to be available for a short time period (like a storefront window displaying the current trend). This is opposed to the STARL Marketplace, where many NFTs and items will be available for purchase and sale all the time.
To simplify, let’s put it like this:
STARL Gameside Store: Off-chain storefront window with limited items that users can buy with STARL Play Pass, and those items can be minted if the user chooses to and when they want to. Only buying will be available in the store, no selling.
STARL Marketplace: On-chain marketplace where all items are available as NFT and can be traded back and forth. All NFT items will be represented and have utility in the metaverse and games.
There will be no selling in the Gameside Store, only buying. To sell the items you purchased in the Gameside Store, you must mint them to the blockchain and list them on the STARL Marketplace. Or, you buy them Gameside and keep them. These options allow players to enjoy the items in the game as instant items or NFTs or treat them as investment opportunities to trade if they want. It also gives the users the ability to enjoy the items immediately in the game and choose when they would like to mint. It allows the gameplay to continue immediately without waiting for slower blockchain transactions. We give the option to the users to use them however they please. If gamers want to buy skins, cosmetic assets, etc., without a gas fee for each purchase and use them right away in the application, they can do so. If they want them immediately as NFT, they can have them in that format too by buying them on the STARL Marketplace first. No matter the process of purchase or use, the items sold from the Gameside store will all be limited and highly unique and only sold once and never again.
Following this model, there will also be NFT rewards in the metaverse for various tasks, missions, and accomplishments weekly. In addition, many will be rewarded to users’ profiles off-chain, and the users will have a choice to keep off-chain on their profile and use right away in the Metaverse or mint to NFT and trade on the STARL Marketplace. Being able to reward assets in this manner and have the user choose to mint or not opens up many possibilities. Furthermore, it lets users take advantage of the fast speed and free transaction for immediate playability and decide when they like to mint to NFT when the time is right for them.

STARL Play Pass bundles:

STARL Play Pass will allow for bundles of items to be purchased, whether buying a group of assets at a discount or buying Pass Points and Assets bundled together as a discount. For instance, you want $100 worth of Points and a customization asset that’s worth $50. You can buy them separately on their own, or you can buy the bundle of the two together for $125, essentially giving you a 50% discount on the asset if you buy the bundle instead of each individually. This can then be used in the metaverse, or minted and sold on the STARL Marketplace as an NFT at your chosen price, so it is worthwhile keeping an eye out for limited edition items to collect that may increase in demand and value in the future (such as ones made for event or holiday specific items).
What can be bundled?
  • Body parts, ships, skins, trails, etc
  • Theme bundles: Warp Nexus bundles, Metaverse bundles, Arena bundles
Warp Nexus gameplay

Used in Warp Nexus -

STARL Play Pass Points can be used for the following purchases:

  • Flying specific missions in Warp Nexus
  • Buying ship skins
  • Buying ship trails
  • Buying other custom cosmetics for ship or character
  • Buying access to species cosmetics
Overlooking the view from a Living Module

Used in Living Modules -

STARL Play Pass Points can be used for the following purchases:
  • Upgrade your view/map location to a new planet, sun, or solar system view from the window(s). (Note: Upgrades and customizations will be saved within the STARL Marketplace if a Living Module is sold, meaning any changes are sold with it).
  • Earlier buyers will have first access to new locations in the solar system. The earlier you buy, the sooner you get to choose your location. As those spots fill, it opens to later buyers. Locations will open more and more over time, and specific sites like moons will have more limited spots than others like planets (due to orbit space)
  • Natural celestial objects and events will be used, starting with our solar system.
Living Module Processing lab, where Pass Points may be earned.

STARL Play Pass Points will also be able to be Earned via Living Modules!

This will be a way owners of Living Modules will be able to take part in and earn Pass Points. They will then be able to use these points to purchase limited assets to use in the metaverse, or mint and trade in the marketplace.
To earn Pass Points with Living Modules, there are 2 methods. One is simply to own a Living Module and earn daily points. Another way to earn on top of that, is to collect resources to keep fueling your Living Module. Owners will need to travel and explore other users’ Living Modules to find and collect these resources. Once a user collects all 5, they can add them to their Living Module Processing Unit to fuel it and receive pass points to be used within the metaverse. Some info about the process below:
  • The 5 resources needed to keep your living module running and liveable: Oxygen, Nutrients, Water, Energy, Element X
  • Station owners can make up to 4 themselves (1 to 4) depending on the size of their living module. Small = 1, Medium = 2, Large = 3, Luxury = 4. Owners will have to acquire the rest by visiting other LMs via a teleporter.
  • Each LM has a Processing Center where for combining 5 materials, which then brews STARL Play Pass Points. Each time this process is implemented, it cannot be done again for another 24 hours (cooldown). The larger the LM, the higher the STARL Play Pass Points rewarded.
  • Owning a Pixelnaut will also give a bonus to the returns. Details to come.
  • STARL Play Pass Points will pay out based on a percentage of total Pass Point sales of the previous day, split among all LM owners.
  • Size of Living Module will increase earnings.
  • Owning an LM also earns daily pass points passively.
  • However, collecting resources and processing them gives owners an equal additional amount, doubling their daily earnings.
  • The more Living Modules one owns, the more they can earn (i.e., 3LMs = 3x earnings).
  • Living Module owners can opt out other Living Module owners accessing their real estate. They will not be able to earn from collecting resources, however, they can still earn passively from just owning a Living Module.
  • All points earned can be used to purchase in-game cosmetic customizations and items as well as Starcade plays, which can also present earnings and prize winnings.

What about $STARL Token?

So what about the $STARL token? We’ve read all about the STARL Play Pass, now what about the original blockchain token?
Great question! $STARL token will always be the core currency. It is the connection between the NFTs, the Marketplace, and the Metaverse. The STARL Metaverse will have authentication and wallet connection and will authenticate all users in this manner. All unique game items will be available to purchase on the STARL Marketplace using the $STARL token (with some assets being released on the Marketplace prior to the in-game store). As has been stated, the benefit of STARL Play Pass is it allows users to purchase multiple low-cost items from within the metaverse without having to pay gas for each time, but $STARL tokens are required to purchase Pass Points (there is no other way to purchase them). Items purchased with Pass Points won’t be on the blockchain until the user decides to mint them onto the STARL Marketplace.
The option is given to the user. A user can buy the item immediately on the STARL Marketplace with $STARL and have it in their wallet on the blockchain straight away, while also being able to use it in the metaverse or games, OR, they can use $STARL to buy Pass Points and buy assets in-game via the Gameside Store, but not have them connected to the blockchain until they choose to do so. The option is theirs to choose. If a user’s end goal is to have the item as an NFT, buying from the STARL Marketplace with the $STARL token makes more sense than paying gas for Pass Points and then minting back to NFT. However, if their goal is to stock up on various customizations and cosmetic options to play and use in the metaverse and games, and generally don’t care about NFTs, using the STARL Play Pass to buy many items and avoid gas fees makes more sense.
Various asset releases will also ONLY be released on the STARL Marketplace via the blockchain. Depending on the assets, the type, and uniqueness, certain asset releases will only be available to be purchased with $STARL tokens. These assets will be able to be used in the metaverse and authenticated via a user’s wallet, but they will need $STARL to purchase them and the assets will only be available on the blockchain.
$STARL will also be needed to access certain areas of the metaverse. There will be unique areas limited only to $STARL holders with some amount of tokens in their wallets.
While the Gameside Storefront can be used to purchase items with the STARL Play Pass, they cannot be traded and sold there. To trade and sell items, users will need to mint them to NFT and sell them on the STARL Marketplace. The STARL Play Pass just allows users to be able to access inexpensive gameplay and make multiple transactions within the metaverse without having to pay gas for each transaction.
Will bridging $STARL still be an option? Yes, we will continuously monitor bridging as tech improves both in bridging and on other chains. We have bridging options available at hand, but at the time being, it is not beneficial to use for the project currently and for the purpose of the Pass. It is a rapidly improving technology, and when it has matured in both safety, speed, and affordability, we can take the option for the Pass. But for STARCADE plays costing mere cents per play and users playing hundreds of game sessions, the STARL Play Pass off-chain is the most optimal solution. There will still be many connections from the blockchain and back to it in the STARL Metaverse and games with rewards. Bridging would also not be for Pass Points as that is a different value and stable at $0.01. Also, another point to address is that the gaming community has not fully embraced cryptocurrency as a means for transacting in games. They need a way to warm up to it. The STARL Pass is one way to help “ease” that specific community in, and as that grows, they will see the benefits of transacting on the blockchain and using the STARL Marketplace to do so with $STARL. We are developing multiple ways to transact within the metaverse. We want to provide users with all options to choose from, and the STARL Pass is one of them. $STARL will always be another.
The STARL Ecosystem will be a thriving, dynamic, interactive, and balanced network that will grow and evolve over time. The foundations are being laid now, and we hope to give everyone the understanding required to best navigate this system, and use its features to their full extent. Everything with STARL is planned with sustainability and fairness to the user in mind, and we will continue to hold and implement these standards as STARL grows and expands.