NFTs and the STARL Metaverse

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique individual tokens with additional information stored in them that can take the form of digital art, in-game items, music, video, copy-write, and archival of original documentation.
The uniqueness of NFTs translates well to unique customizations or decorations. When users meet online, their avatars and the places they inhabit are as unique as the humans controlling them. We believe this is an essential part of self-expression and will lead to a closer connection between people in the community, creating a more enjoyable experience while exploring the metaverse.
STARL Living Modules
‌NFTs will become assets within the metaverse. Users can buy, sell, and trade them in the Market and then use them for items in the metaverse, or additional games and programs. 3D satellites, living modules, vehicles, spaceships, custom skins, and in-game items, tools, and other assets can and will be NFTs, and all will be tradeable through the STARL Market.
STARL Pixelnauts
STARL has held several NFT sales to raise funds for development, encourage artists to join the project, offer the community future in-game items, and give early supporters the opportunity to acquire limited edition items that will be sought after in future. There has also been charity NFT sales held, with a piece by Naomi Salazar auctioned to raise money for St. Jude's Children Hospital. The NFT was taken to space on the Inspiration4 all-civilian flight.
"The STARL Enterprise" by Naomi Salazar