Community of STARL

While we can discuss the metaverse, the token, statistics, finances, and so on, ultimately the brightest star in the STARL Metaverse is undoubtedly its community.‌ The community is comprised of all ages - from teenagers who bought STARL with their birthday money, to tech-savvy grandmothers who have adopted all the holders as their grandchildren. STARL's international communities are incredibly significant and engaged with one another through the use of translation tools and interpreters, creating a global community not confined by borders or language barriers.
‌We have people who have been involved in cryptocurrency for a decade, and people who bought STARL as their first token ever. It is rare in the crypto world that people come for the token but stay for the community, however, this is the case for many with this project. The STARL Telegram group can go from being informative and insightful, to a gif-filled party zone with music playing and people dancing around their living rooms – affectionately known as 'Power Hour.'
A Raf gif
The culture that STARL has evolved within the STARL project has spawned a series of in-jokes, references, STARL legends, memes, artworks, videos, gifs, and ideas for the metaverse itself. We hope to include as many of these things in the end game product as possible, to pay homage to the wonderful journey so far and the many stories and events to come.

Telegram Core Communities

STARL has many Telegram communities, both for language groups and aspects of the Metaverse.

Main Chat

Moderators and engagement team:

  • Skdandy - @skdandy
  • Genius Qween - @genius_qween
  • Hubb - @rhubbb
  • Jacob - @Jacobz_Ladder
  • Rocket Candles - @RocketCandles
  • Johnny Utah - @JohnnyUtah_FBI
  • Skies - @SkiesArcadia
  • Ken StarL - @Cbcbken

STARL Specialized gifs

  • Raf . - @rafdot

Moderators and engagement team:

  • Space Architect - @Space0Architect

Moderators and engagement team:

  • Skies - @SkiesArcadia

Telegram International Communities

Moderators and engagement team:

  • HU X - @xhu07777
  • 阿 木木 - @SYH809
  • 黄 无 - @HS071200
  • Raymond.C - @SakamishIyoto
  • 一龙 Ma - @codebao888
  • c Ali
  • 马力
  • 今日も阮爱妻です
  • Sea Samurai - @sea994

Moderators and engagement team:

  • Dragon (Community)
  • Ali Mirzaei (Technical)
  • Salar Roomi (Technical)
  • Amir pasha (Fundamental)
  • Leo Miro (Translator)

All Other Language Groups

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