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STARL is the token for the STARL Metaverse, currently on the Ethereum blockchain. While technically the original token name is 'StarLink,' the community has referred to it as the 'STARL Metaverse Project'.
‌STARL is an ERC-20 token with a total supply of 10 trillion. All tokens are in circulation, with the initial liquidity and contract ownership burned. This means that no additional STARL tokens can be minted into circulation. Also, as STARL was 100% fair-launched, all tokens have always been publicly tradable. Unlike most projects, private investors have no token unlocks to dilute the current circulating supply, which often results in more stagnant price action as increased buying power is needed after each unlock to increase the price per token further. This is another reason why STARL stands out from the crowd and again emphasizes the truly decentralized ethos within the STARL Metaverse Project.
To see further technical information on $STARL token, please visit the STARL DETAILS section.


STARL in the Metaverse

STARL will be used as the medium of exchange within the metaverse. It will be used to buy, sell, trade, and modify in-game assets. In addition, STARL will be used as points of entry for various areas of the metaverse, for accessing games, virtual concerts and clubs, media, entertainment, education, modes of travel in the metaverse, investing in virtual real estate, mining for materials in-game, paying other players for services, social experiences and programs, and really anything else that a currency can be used for in the physical world, but virtual. It is a digital currency for the virtual world.
Users will also be able to pay one another with STARL while exploring the gaming side of the metaverse. For example, one person could pay other skilled users to help pilot a ship, protect them, or perform other tasks in various side missions. This might be while traveling through dangerous territories or environments, protection against pirates and robbers, or where speed is needed to complete a task and an ace pilot with a fast ship is a necessity for success. By visiting a leaderboard, job site, or holograms that recognize top pilots in various space hubs, a user will find a pilot to hire.

STARL in the Market

STARL will be used in the STARL Market ( The STARL Market will host all the NFTs and assets needed in-game. Once those NFTs are purchased, they will interact with the metaverse, or games within the metaverse, in various ways. For instance, the first auction round sold 18 satellites. Those satellites give APR returns based on the amount of STARL spent on your SATE in the auction. Different levels of satellites = different APR. Satellites will provide services such as advertising space for the owners and offer upgrades or refueling to players who may be about to embark on a challenging mission or engage in PvP. Users will be able to see the satellites in the metaverse, in terminals and screens in-game, with satellite holders possibly modifying and upgrading their satellites down the line. Plans to have parts and modular satellites, spacecraft, etc., are in the works.
The STARL Market
The Market will host living modules represented by 3D artists' work and will be tickets to a virtual living space (or virtual real estate), where only the user that owns the NFT has access. Think of it like a hotel card you have in your pocket that you scan in order to gain access to your room. It's yours and only yours in the metaverse. You could possibly even rent it out in the future to other users and earn STARL that way. Maybe another user has health damage from a game in the metaverse and needs to 'rest.' They could rent a module from another user to rest in and gain back their health.
Living Module Gemini by Kevin Schow
Our Market will eventually sell customizations for modules, satellites, vehicles, and characters. Additionally, skins, clothes, furniture for the modules, and other various upgrades will be available. In-game assets will also be sold in our Market - weapons, tools, health upgrades, and much more. All these assets, represented as NFTs, will have options to be earned in-game, or bought and sold in STARL Market using STARL.
‌ Our STARL token is the key that unlocks everything within the STARL Metaverse.
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