The STARL Metaverse

The STARL Metaverse

The STARL Metaverse will be an expansive 3D universe with realistic graphics, filled with exploration, discovery, and creation. The goal of STARL is to create a secure, structured, highly polished platform that can develop modularly over time. Various mechanisms, aspects, tools, space-themed games, events, and anything else developers and the community wish for can be included. Given the nature of the metaverse, the possibilities for what the platform can do are truly endless.
‌We have collected many suggestions from our community for inclusion in the metaverse, which draw inspiration from favorite gaming experiences, movies, books, online programs, and a series of collaborative community brainstorming sessions. Imagination will ultimately be the most powerful and valuable tool for what can be created in the STARL Metaverse, allowing us to push the boundaries as far as our ambitions.
‌Development is in the early stages, but to get an idea of the start of our journey, please see below:
The video links below were developed in the first month of the project by the community, and graphics and gameplay has since been much improved along with an ongoing switch to Unreal Engine with converting Warp Nexus to STARL Metaverse. Updated videos will be added. See screenshot below for updated graphics.
STARL Transformation teaser video:
Early community development:
Screenshot of a reactor in the Community Developed Spacehub
Screenshot from the tower of Community Developed Spacehub with Multiplayer

How will this be developed?

Unity moving towards Unreal Engine

The project's initial development was by the community and started on the Unity real-time video game engine. This is the sector of the metaverse that was created right away and was the first gameplay image that showcased a space hub. Moving forward, the development will be worked on professionally using the Unreal Engine (UE). Creating a vast metaverse based in space with a virtual economy would usually require years of development, however, STARL has expedited the process by adapting Warp Nexus - an unreleased AAA space exploration MMO created by Scott Brown and his team, built on Unreal Engine. In addition, Shahid Ahmad, a renowned gaming developer with extensive accolades in the industry, was hired to be an adviser and producer for the transformation of Warp Nexus into the STARL Metaverse.

Community Designed and Developed on Unity

Development on Unity has so far been directed, planned, designed, and tested by the initial investors from the community. The first teasers of the metaverse development were from this community side on Unity Engine, providing a sample of the potential possibilities and visuals for the STARL Metaverse. This initial platform allowed the community to experiment with ideas and make plans for more advanced development moving forward.

Professionally Designed and Developed on Unreal Engine

The professionally developed aspect of the metaverse will continue on Unreal Engine and is an adaptation of Scott Brown's game Warp Nexus. Warp Nexus is a near-complete space exploration, action, adventure, and massively multiplayer online (MMO) game that will be transformed and adapted into the STARL Metaverse. It will focus on space travel and mechanics, space base connections, asteroids and mining, planets, space battles, and a complex and interesting virtual gaming economy. STARL has onboarded a game design and development team with more than two decades of MMO game development experience and expertise crafting in-game economies. The economy will utilize the STARL token and play a prominent role across all aspects of the metaverse, with decisions and actions affecting various elements.
Warp Nexus which is being modified for STARL
The game development here will implement mechanics that will be utilized across the entire metaverse. Space flight will be the primary method of travel in the metaverse. While the gaming side will focus on missions, the rest of the metaverse will have the option for users to explore, collect assets, mine asteroids, trade in the STARL Market, and interact with others in space hubs and spaceships. The Unity progress and development will merge into the Unreal version, which will be the main engine used as development continues.
Unreal Engine Warp Nexus, which will be modified and updated for STARL Metaverse
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